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A Guide to OpenSAML V2

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Note. This is the old edition on the book, covering OpenSAML V2. The new edition covering OpenSAML V3 is available for purchase from the link below.


A Guide to OpenSAML is a short book that introduces SAML, the SAML Web Browser Profile and the use of OpenSAML.

The book has three parts, the first of which introduces SAML, SAML Web Browser Profile and OpenSAML. The next part goes deeper into explaining the Web Browser Profile more in detail and shows how to implement it using OpenSAML. The last part explains how to use some of the security functions in OpenSAML, like signatures and encryption.

The SAML Web Browser Profile is flexible and can be used in many different ways. The book shows the SAML Web Browser Profile with the following configurations:

  • SP initiated Single Sign-On
  • Authentication request using HTTP Redirect Binding
  • Assertion transported using HTTP Artifact Binding
  • SAML Artifact transported using HTTP Redirect Binding
  • Artifact resolution using SOAP Binding

The book explains the interaction from the Service Provider’s point of view. The implementation of the Identity Provider is not covered in this book.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • AZW3 (450KB)
  • EPUB (377KB)
  • MOBI (492KB)
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