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SAML 2.0: Designing secure identity federation

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SAML is not simple a topic.

Anyone taking a first look at SAML will see that is complex.
As well as being a good tool to implement Single Sign-On ease organizational pain and improve security, it can also be a source to critical security vulnerabilities if design or implemented incorrectly. 

SAML 2.0: Designing secure identity federation demystifies the concepts of SAML and gives beginners, as well as experience architects, a good understanding of the otherwise complex subject of SAML.

Walking through all topics from introduction to advanced you will learn
  • To fully understand SAML and identity federation
  • Workings of the main building blocks like NameId, bindings and assertions
  • How Single Single-On and Single Logout works in detail
  • Different architectural choices and implementation alternatives
  • Security best practices and considerations
  • Previous security vulnerabilities and what can be learned from them
You will get the following files:
  • AZW3 (7MB)
  • MOBI (14MB)
  • EPUB (6MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
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